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In February of 2016, we formed Gild Foundation out of a common aspiration to support charitable causes. Our 501(c)(3) nonprofit embraces continual evolution through various philanthropic endeavors ranging from health to social initiatives. We have made an enduring commitment to fundraise and amplify awareness for a growing roster of organizations with the goal of empowering, improving, and advocating.



Empowering. Improving. Advocating.

We're committed to supporting proactive causes that provide aid where it's needed most.

We want to empower those who are in need of strength.

We want to improve societal structures that overlook unseen communities whose voices cannot be heard.

We want to advocate for a healthy planet and a sustainable future for all.

In the design industry, we often seek levity by reminding one another that "we aren't saving the world."

With the inception of Gild Foundation, we hope to do just that.


Have a cause or fundraiser you'd like us to support? Just want to say hi?

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