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Kristen Ekeland, Principal of Studio Gild, creates awe-inspiring spaces for a wide range of clients. Her approach to design embraces bold elements and modern accents that result in sophisticated environments filled with unique textures and colors.  Each project is met with a commitment to the individual needs of the client, resulting in personal spaces that bring a sense of wonder, excitement and comfort.

Ekeland began her interior design career in New York City working for S. Russell Groves and Clodagh after working as a graphic designer in book publishing.  She later held positions at Kara Mann Design and Simeone Deary Design where she created innovative concepts for hotel and residential clients across the country.  Ekeland’s disciplined approach to research and programming ensures that projects are not only tailored to the unique lifestyles of her clients but also function incredibly well.

Ekeland holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Michigan and an Associate of Applied Science in Interior Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York.  She also studied branding and environmental graphics in London and Glasgow as a participant in the University of Richmond’s internship program.  Ekeland’s fine arts degree paired with her graphic design background has given her a strong foundation in understanding form and color as it relates to interior design.

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