• Artist Erika Dufour photographed these still lives over 2.5 weeks during the COVID-19 pandemic. They are an ode to the “shelter-in-place” life reflecting on how our perception of time has slowed down significantly and have forced us to observe everyday life and life's mini events to have a more momentous meaning.


    This simple “breakfast scene” exemplifies the hardships of acquiring food during this time which was once taken for granted has turned into a harrowing episode. Now having these simple staples in supply at home feels like there is safety for at least a short period of time. Like classic Dutch paintings, the meaning behind this simple still life illustrates life’s transience. The proliferation of rotting fruit and withered flowers offers a sobering example of “memento mori”,  which we are reminded daily of the many deaths during this frightening Pandemic.


    By Erika Dufour.