• Artist Erika Dufour compares self-help books to modern day bibles, which we are to live by as a way of life, guided by self-proclaimed gurus that tote that if we follow these doctrines, we will have better, thinner, sexier, happier, fuller lives. This series of art examines the effects of these modern day bibles and how they psychologically create the opposite effect of what is toted.


    Her process of chopping and deconstructing the books into smaller more digestible chunks, painting the edges with ink or paint, and then gluing the pieces back on to their original book covers creates an aesthetically pleasing work of art rather than a book perstering and poking at you telling you to be better.


    By Erika Dufour.


    • Materials:

      Hand-painted cut books


      Dimensions :

      "Superbetter": 6.5" W x 6.5" H
      "Visual": 3.5" W  x 4" H
      "Eight Weeks To": 5.5" W x 10" H
      "Awake You Self": 12"W x 9.75" H