• For the Lemonade Series, artist Erika Dufour photographed women and men wearing her wedding dress which had sat in an unopened box for over eight years. There is societal shame attached to being a divorced woman and all of the stigma that goes along with that. If you are not a wife, what are you? What is women's role in society?


    While photographing, Erika put pale liquid foundation makeup in the model's left hand (AKA the ring hand) and had them smear the foundation on their face in their own chosen way, creating a ceremonial gesture. This ritual leaves the subject trapped in a position in order to not damage the purity of the dress leaving their left hand floating and aimless. In post production, she toned the images in an antique tintype/solarised effect which calls back to old portraits of when the subjects of the images had to remain still for long periods of time adding a formality to the act of photography.


    The series was created to shift the meaning and pain attached to this garment into a more positive light creating different and new memories associated with it, thus the title of the series, “Lemonade”.


    By Erika Dufour.