• Crafted from sustainably harvested maple wood, the Maple Boards are tempered and pre-finished. If used often and taken care of properly, the boards will wear and become more beautiful over time, not to mention uniquely personal. Beautiful enough to keep on display, the Maple Boards are sure to add style, warmth, and function to any kitchen.


    • Please note: The lead time for Small Double, Medium Double and Medium Carved boards is 4-6 weeks.



      Maple wood



      Small Boards with Carved Handles: 6-7" W x 14-16" H
      Medium Boards with Carved Handles: 8-9" W x 18-20" H
      Small Boards with Double Handle: 6-7" W x 30-32" H
      Medium Boards with Double Handle: 8-9" W x 34-36" H